Data protection policy and conditions of use of Zinzi


Zinzi, and all the sales companies and distributors associated with it are delighted that you are visiting our webpages and we bid you a warm welcome to Zinzi.
At this point we would like to explain our data protection policy to you along with the conditions of use.

By accessing and using the webpages of Zinzi and the sales companies and distributors associated with it you unrestrictedly accept the conditions of use and the data protection policy of Zinzi.

Customer data and its use

Please note that you are free to visit all the webpages of Zinzi.

If you would like to get in touch with us personally please complete the form provided for this purpose. Some of the fields on the form are optional, others are compulsory. Please note that you will not be able to send the form if you leave an obligatory field empty.

In these cases Zinzi will collect and evaluate only personal data which you have given to us intentionally, voluntarily and explicitly, either in writing in the form of a customer reply card or by e-mail by completion of the prepared form. You have our assurance that we will evaluate the data for statistical purposes only.

For the rest, we will of course comply with the usual data protection standards and will conduct our internet activities applying the highest degree of security at all times.

Zinzi and all the enterprises associated with it will not engage in any spamming, i.e. Zinzi will not repeatedly send unsolicited e-mails with a mostly commercial background to a large number of people.

Zinzi has protected its data networks by installing firewalls and passwords. Nevertheless, we would point out to you that the internet cannot be regarded as a completely secure means of communication. In particular, Zinzi will accept no liability whatsoever for the security of data during transfer via the internet.


Zinzi would occasionally like to get in touch with you in order to present products and services to you in which you might be interested and to inform you about new developments.

You can become member of our Newsletter using the form. In this connection we would also refer you to the statements made about customer data and its use. You will, of course, have the option at any time of cancelling the “Newsletter” service. To do so simply click on “Cancel Newsletter subscription” in the Newsletter received.


A cookie is a file which is sent by the webserver to your internet browser and is stored in your computer. Please note that a cookie is not used to collect information on the identity of a person.

The information collected by us on our webpages is anonymous. It helps us to adapt and improve the Zinzi webpages in line with changing customer needs. For this reason we use cookies in certain cases.

Job offers

Have you seen a job offer in which you are interested on the website? Would you like to apply for it?

If that is the case, please send us your CV. We will be pleased to check whether your qualifications and experience are in line with our requirements and get in touch with you. By doing so you agree to your CV being stored in our database until the position is filled, but at most for one year after receipt. The CV can also be deleted at any time.

Business relations with third parties

Zinzi undertakes never to pass on the data which it has received to third parties.


We reserve the right to change the content of our webpages at any time.

Availability of the Zinzi products

The Zinzi webpages may contain information about worldwide products which are not, however, available worldwide.

Legal information


None of the information presented on the Zinzi webpages and in the “Newsletter” e-mails will constitute a binding offer to the visitors to our webpages and the readers of our “Newsletter”.

Copyright and intellectual property rights

The entire content of the Zinzi webpages, such as, in particular, brands, logos, photos, texts, design, etc., is the property of Zinzi and is legally protected.


Zinzi accepts no liability whatsoever for information which is retrievable from or via the webpages of Zinzi or the Zinzi “Newsletter”.

The Zinzi webpages may contain inaccuracies or errors. Zinzi therefore reserves the right to change its webpages at any time. Zinzi does not give any assurance that the information is complete or up-to-date. Furthermore, Zinzi reserves the right to remove all or individual webpages or to suspend access.

If during your visit to our webpages you download any information, you do so at your own risk. Zinzi can accept no liability in this connection, in particular for a virus which may affect your PC.

Applicable law, legal venue

The conditions of use are governed by Dutch law.

In the event of a dispute the parties agree that the court in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, will have sole jurisdiction.

Additional text for dealers:

Reference is made to the data protection policy and the conditions of use of Zinzi which are also valid for the relationship of Zinzi with its dealers. The following conditions are also to be observed: The General Terms and Conditions of Business. The creation of hyperlinks to our webpages is prohibited without the prior, written approval of Zinzi.